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Release Date: 04 June 2015 (South Korea)
Genre: Drama
Stars: Yoon Yeo-seong (윤여성), Kim So-hee (김소희), Jeong Tae-hwa (정태화), Park Hyeon-sook-I (박현숙), Hwang Seok-jeong (황석정), Lee Sang-hong (이상홍)
Encoder: indomoviemania
The third best theatrical play of 2014 nominated by the National Theater Association Korea INC.
A masterpiece supported by media and the republic of critics!

Jeong Jo holds a birthday party in the new Hwaseong Temporary Palace to celebrate his mother Princess Hong’s 60th birthday. He elects his father Prince Sado in the name of King Jang Jo and Princess Hong meets the ghost of the dead Prince Sado. She follows her memory and retraces the steps back into her past life, going back and forth the boundaries of life and death.

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Crown Princess Hong (2015) 480p HDRip

Crown Princess Hong (2015) 720p HDRip

Crown Princess Hong (2015) 480p HDRip indomoviem
Crown Princess Hong (2015) 720p HDRip indomoviem


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